A good overview of the possibilities with the Gov2.0 movement – The Goldmine Of Opportunities In Gov 2.0

Techcrunch recently wrote a good article describing the potential of the Gov2.0 movement. There’s great benefit to citizens and a great deal of money to be made by innovative entrepreneurs. Here’s an excerpt…

“The opportunities aren’t just in mining financial data. Sonpreet Bhatia launched My City Way—a mobile applications platform, available in 30 cities around the world, that provides information on things like public restrooms, transit, traffic, tourist attractions, and restaurants. This is based on data provided by the local governments. So when you’re traveling to San Francisco and need to know what BART train to catch or the latest restaurant-inspection results, you can look up San Francisco Way App on your iPhone. If you hate the NYC traffic situation, check out live traffic cameras or find a good parking spot using NYC Way App. Other city-based applications provide everything from volunteer opportunities to lookup of information on traffic-ticket and bill payment. My City Way has had more than a million downloads in its first year and expects to hit the 15 million download mark next year.”

Read the entire article over at Techcrunch - http://techcrunch.com/2010/10/23/the-goldmine-of-opportunities-in-gov-2-0/

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