CityCamp Colorado Theme - Enhancing Government Access

The theme of this year’s CityCamp Colorado is “Enhancing Access to Government.”  However, CityCamp is the participants’ conference to plan.  You pick the actual topics and issues to discuss.  We want to hear your ideas, so we set up a UserVoice forum to submit topics and items to be discussed.

We chose access to government as the theme because citizens are becoming both more engaged and more frustrated with government.  Furthermore, they are becoming more active and mobile.  Thus, they expect the government to respond to their needs on modern day terms.

The Internet, social media, smartphones, and many other tools hold the promise of improving government.   However, government and citizens alike need to take advantage of these tools to realize that promise.  Among the questions that need to be answered by government and citizens are:

How do we improve access to services?
How do we make our information easier to find?
How do we create meaningful citizen engagement?

We will begin to answer these questions at CityCamp Colorado and develop ideas and actions to cities, government agencies, and others to implement.  Please take a few moments to submit an idea, problem to be solved, or vote of topics and support the success of the effort to improve government access:

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September 11th, 2011 | | CityCamp |  1 Comment
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