OpenColorado is Hosting Data

OpenColorado is very pleased to announce that we have added the data hosting ability to our open data catalog, Hosting is one of the key pieces of our upgrade to CKAN v 1.8.

We chose the CKAN platform for our data catalog because it provides a lot of flexibility and very low cost. In the past, the catalog only linked to data sets that a jurisdiction hosted.

Supporting data uploads which will make it much simpler for smaller organizations to participate.  At the present time we have 100GB of storage available and individual file uploads can be up to 50MB. For perspective, the City and County of Denver’s entire catalog is about 2GB, so we have a lot of storage capacity.

We’re excited to expand this data sharing opportunity to our existing partners and groups that will join in the future. This is a significant step toward expanding transparency and supporting economic opportunity through data-driven innovation.

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