CityCamp Colorado 2011

Enhancing Access to Government

Last December, approximately 50 people came together to improve local government in Colorado at CityCamp Colorado.  It is time to come together again and bring new people into the discussion at CityCamp Colorado 2011.

CityCamp Colorado 2011 will again bring together people like yourself to share ideas to enhance access to government.

Citizens are becoming more engaged and more frustrated with government.  They are becoming more active and expecting government to respond.

The Internet, social media, smartphones, and many other tools hold the promise of improving government.  Government and citizens alike need to take advantage of these tools to realize that promise.  In order to meet the promise, government must answer:

How do we improve access to services?
How do we make our information easier to find?
How do we create meaningful citizen engagement?

About CityCamp Colorado

CityCamp Colorado will bring together people like yourself to share ideas to improve local government. CityCamp is an unconference focused toward the participants sharing insights and experiences and taking action to bring about the significant, positive change our communities need. At an unconference, content is created and organized by participants. This format provides an excellent opportunity for an active, creative, open exchange geared toward action. Afterall, innovation is only possible when good ideas are shared and well executed.

CityCamp Colorado, like other CityCamps, has four main goals:

  1. Bring together local government officials, municipal employees, experts, programmers, designers, citizens, and journalists to share perspectives and insights about the cities in which they live;
  2. Create and maintain patterns for using the Web to facilitate local government transparency and effective local governance;
  3. Foster communities of practice and advocacy on the role of the Web, mobile communication, online information, and open data in cities; and
  4. Create outcomes that participants will act upon after the event is over.

By taking part in CityCamp Colorado you will be able to explore ideas, lessons learned, and strategies that can be implemented in your organization and shared across municipalities, anywhere in the world. Of particular interest will be social, collaborative, and participatory efforts, organizational culture, overcoming obstacles, and technology developments, such as mobile applications and open data.

Most importantly, the organizers of CityCamp Colorado recognize that you and your local governments and community organizations have the most direct influence and impact on our daily lives. This event seeks to create innovative and practical solutions to make cities and other local communities more open and “user friendly.”

CityCamp Colorado 2011 will bring together government professionals, private sector specialists, members of academia, the press, and other interested citizens with the goal of creating actionable plans and efforts to make our governments more accessible.

CityCamp Colorado is organized by Open Colorado with support of volunteers throughout the Front Range cities of Arvada, Boulder, Castle Rock, and Denver and Jefferson County.

Thank You to Our Sponsors