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City of Boulder Launches New Online Transparency Tool
October 5, 2017 Blog,Visuals Ron Pringle

The City of Boulder has rolled out a new online tool to help measure and explain the city’s progress toward data-driven goals. The interactive platform, known as Boulder Measures, is available at . Boulder Measures has been in beta since it debuted at two community open house events in February. It has been enhanced

Data Catalog Upgrade
July 18, 2017 Blog,Data Ron Pringle

I am pleased to report that our upgrade of the OpenColorado data catalog to CKAN version 2.5.2 was completed successfully on 7/15/16. The upgrade brings several functional and performance improvements, such as: More built-in dataset previews; A more user-friendly look & feel; API access to datasets; The option to mark datasets as private or public;

Boulder Adopts Progressive Open Data Policy
May 1, 2017 Blog Ron Pringle

City manager to approve progressive open data policy City Manager Jane Brautigam will sign the City of Boulder’s open data policy, designed to increase transparency and accountability by opening more city data to the community, during a brief ceremony at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 2. The policy calls for city departments to publish data

Pilot Open Data Platform expands access to Boulder County Land Use information
March 24, 2017 Blog,Data Ron Pringle

New open dataset offers better tools and improved access to building permit and development information for unincorporated Boulder County. The Boulder County Land Use Department today announced the launch of an open data platform that will give residents, demographers, planners and software developers greater access to building permit and development data in unincorporated Boulder County.

Boulder County Launches New Geospatial Open Data Platform
May 10, 2016 Blog,Data Ron Pringle

New platform offers better tools and improved access to geospatial data Boulder County launched a new geographic information system (GIS) open data platform that will give data enthusiasts greater access to valuable county geospatial – mapping – data assets on an interactive site. The site, located at, puts GIS data at users’ fingertips. Datasets

Partnering for Open Data
October 12, 2015 Blog Ron Pringle

Xentity Corporation recently reached out to OpenColorado to offer pro-bono technical, development support for Matt Kane and James Brown, with Xentity, were CityCamp Colorado participants and have been strong open data supporters. With running on CKAN, OpenColorado was a good fit for Xentity to build its expertise with the open source data platform.

City of Boulder launches new website with Open Data
August 9, 2013 Blog Ron Pringle

The City of Boulder has launched a new website at The site includes a new layout and design as well as several features aimed at making it easier for users to access government services and information. The last time the city launched a new site design was in 2006. View the City of Boulder

CityCamp Colorado 2012 Video Recaps
March 7, 2013 Blog,CityCamp Ron Pringle

CityCamp Colorado 2012 was recently featured on Denver 8 TV. Overview: Denver City Councilwoman Robin Kniech excited the crowd to start the day: “We still have a digital divide. How do we reach the kinds of citizens who are very thoughtful, very dedicated, but not the kind of everyday user that might be using the

OpenColorado is Hosting Data
March 2, 2013 Blog Ron Pringle

OpenColorado is very pleased to announce that we have added the data hosting ability to our open data catalog, Hosting is one of the key pieces of our upgrade to CKAN v 1.8. We chose the CKAN platform for our data catalog because it provides a lot of flexibility and very low cost. In

OpenColorado goes to the White House
September 22, 2012 Blog Ron Pringle

On September 25th, OpenColorado director and founder Michele Hovet will be honored for her innovative leadership in the City of Arvada as a White House Champion for Change. Joining her in D.C. are OpenColorado President and founder Brian Gryth and former President and founder Sean Hudson. Michele’s forward thinking leadership style and openness to different