Colorado Code for Communities Civic Hack-a-thon

Civic hackers, designers, non-profits, government organizations and data providers will be getting together tonight at Uncubed to kick-off the first Colorado Code for Communities Civic Hack-a-thon.

The event is being presented by PlaceMatters with support from the Partnership for Sustainable Communities.  For 36 hours, event participants will hack on applications that will improve the lives of people living, working and playing in the Denver region.

The OpenColorado data catalog provides a wide variety of regional data for the event and we are looking forward to seeing the ideas that are implemented.

There are a few spaces left so sign up now if you want to participate.

July 27th, 2012 | | Blog |  1 Comment
  • Gabriel Conners

    The potential of this initiative is incredible. Do we have any coding developments already? Or is it all in the conceptual works right now?