PolicyMap - Visualize Local Health Data

Visualize, understand and share local health related data for the nation from the USDA, CDC, HHS and Census. All in one place.

Visualize how something like the obesity rate compares across the U.S. in both an interactive map and ranked table. Do the same for other indicators by selecting one from the data menu on the left.

This app did not use Colorado state data in this catalog. It, instead, used data from USDA, CDC, HHS and Census.

Understand the data for your county. Interact with the map. Zoom or pan or use the search bar to take the map to counties you care about. Click on your county to see its value and its rank in the nation. Toggle between time periods in the legend (if other years are available) to see how an indicator has changed over time. Click on the “details” button to learn more about the indicator and to visit the data source.

Download data into an Excel file to explore further or to share with others.

Powered by www.policymap.com, an online mapping tool and data warehouse.

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