About Open Colorado

We live in exciting times and transforming government is within our reach. Our vision is to support a transformation that will lead to a simple, beautiful, and easy-to-use government. We founded OpenColorado to achieve this new, more effective, and open government.


Our mission is to:

1) Enable open access to government information (ex. crime, health, GIS, and transit data).

The primary resource for this effort is the OpenColorado data catalog. The data catalog allows any municipality, county, government agency, nonprofit, or individual to share open data with the public.

In addition, the open source tools that we use allow governments and community organizations to provide open access to data on their own websites while publishing to a central state-wide catalog.

2) Host, organize, and partner with others to educate governments and citizens on how to create more transparent, participatory, and collaborative communities.

Our flagship event is CityCamp Colorado, an annual participant-driven unconference that provides a channel for people to share insights and experiences and to promote action to bring about more informed, healthy, livable communities.

In addition, we have partnered with PlaceMatters to organize Code for Communities, a civic hacking event set up to help create solutions and applications to help people’s everyday lives.

In the three years since OpenColorado was formed we have made great strides forward and this movement is just the beginning. Together we will create the model for building the public’s trust and satisfaction in government, improving government’s delivery of services, and creating new opportunities for innovation.

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