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This came in through the GIS Colorado listserve, so most GIS folks might have seen this.
From Brian Timoney:
With the Open Data/Open Government movement gathering steam both here in the US and abroad, public organizations are revisiting how best to make their geospatial information available to the public in more user-friendly ways than FTP sites or custom-built mapping portals.
May I suggest the Google search box?  (Or Bing-we’re not here to ruffle feathers).
On Thursday April 8th I’ll be offering a half-day workshop on “Making Spatial Data Google-able.”

Full disclaimer:  the $35 fee goes to the URISA scholarship fund; my compensation will be merely karmic.

We’ll go over the five steps to making your spatial data easily find-able, view-able, and link-able.
Good news:  no one of the steps is technically difficult.  Better news:  the approach is software agnostic-equally applicable to your industrial grade ArcServer/IIS/Oracle set-up as well as an $8/month shared hosting approach, and everything in-between.

The end goal?  Imagine having the instructions for looking up parcel assessment information being “Google the address”.  Crazy, right?We’ll show you how it’s done and who’s doing it in real life.

Look forward to seeing you there,
Brian (The Timoney Group)

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