Notes from a meeting with Leonard Lin of Code for America

In February, several cities / counties had the opportunity to meet with Leonard Lin of Code for America.  I jotted down items that were interesting to me, or that I wanted to follow up on after the meeting.  Perhaps they will be of use to others as well.

  • Seattle, Boston, Santa Cruz are likely candidates
  • 2011 calendar year
  • Like gov 2.0 (federal level) @ city level
  • Goal - “city technology stack in a box”
  • Ideas for submission
    • Open311
    • Service request system
    • “city technology stack in a box”
    • Virtual town hall meeting / ways for citizens to interact online
    • Opening data/transparency
    • Create open APIs to City
    • Transit tools
    • Emergency Management Systems are a huge need , as WebEOC is inadequate.

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